avgust 25, 2016




Speaker type: Port geometry optimised 6th order bandpass enclosure


Acoustical data:

Frequency response: 30-90Hz -3db, 25-100Hz -10db

Max spl:  149dB

Directivity Omni, configuration dependent (End fire, cardio)

Voice coil: Linear motor drive


Amplifier: Mdrive

RMS power: 15kW RMS, 310Vpeak/200Apeak

Cooling: Forced cooling with temperature controlled fans

Power supply: Universal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction), 90-264V AC, Patented SRM (Smart Rails Management) technology


Processor: Patented “Zero Latency” DSP

Controler: Pressure sensor with feedback loop for improved impulse response and reduced distortion

AD/DA converter: Successive approximation ADC, WM+Noise Shaper

Limiter: TruePower™, RMS voltage, current clamp and current RMS, mechanical excursion, peak limiter

Active DampingControl™



Housing: Birch plywood, internally reinfoced

wheel points: bottom, back


Height: 88,6cm

Depth: 100cm